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CPA Services for Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits

We are an Arizona-based CPA firm providing financial statement audits, reviews, compilations, and tax services to organizations across the United States.

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Frey Solutions Audit Services


We provide audited financial statements to meet the needs of grant writers, accreditation bodies, and others who want confidence in your financials.

Frey Solutions Review Services


Reviewed financial statements are often requested by lenders or others who want limited assurance regarding an organization's accounting.

Frey Solutions Compilation Services


In a compilation engagement, we assist you in preparing financial statements, but don't perform review or audit procedures.

Frey Solutions Tax Services

Tax Services

Our firm specializes in the unique tax concerns of nonprofits and small businesses. Our services encompass return preparation and strategic tax planning, reducing liabilities and risks.

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The Frey Solutions Approach

The Frey Solutions Approach

The Frey Solutions Approach Step 1
The Frey Solutions Approach Step 2
The Frey Solutions Approach
The Frey Solutions Approach Step 3

Initial Consultation (On-Site or Virtual)

During your free consultation, we will learn about your organization and discuss your accounting needs. Our goal is to mutually determine whether our firm is a good fit for your organization.

Proposal Presentation

We will prepare a written proposal outlining the services we think would add the most value. When you are ready, we each sign an engagement letter that describes the services we will perform.

Engagement Performance

We work closely with you and your team to deliver outstanding value to your organization. Our goal is to build a strong relationship and become one of your most trusted advisors.

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Download Our Free Guie

Download our Free Guide

How to Prepare for an Audit or Review

This free resource includes valuable information on what audit and review engagements are and how to prepare for them. Our guide will show you step-by-step how to prepare your books so that the actual audit and review process is a breeze.

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