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Financial Statement Audits

Financial Statement Audits provide users of your financial statements with the highest level of assurance available. An audit can help an organization build trust with stakeholders such as donors or investors. Audits are often obtained to comply with specific regulatory or financing demands.

Assured Financial Audits
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In an audit engagement, our primary goal is to assist you in accurately presenting your financial statements, and then issue a CPA opinion. Our opinion assures third-party users regarding the reliability of your financial statements. During an audit, we work together to ensure your accounting records and financial statements are accurate.


Our collaborative approach ensures that your accounting records and financial statements reflect true and fair values.


Key steps in our audit process include:


  • Conducting interviews with essential staff members, such as the Executive Director, CEO, and head of finance, to gain insights into your organization's financial management.

  • Touring your facilities to understand t your business and observe your assets

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your financial policies, practices, and internal control systems to evaluate their effectiveness.

  • Performing various analytical procedures on your financial records to identify any unusual transactions or trends.

  • Confirming the accuracy of the information you provide us with third parties, such as your bank or vendors, to verify the authenticity of certain financial information.

  • Recommending necessary adjustments to your accounting records to align them with standard accounting principles and practices.

  • Suggesting improvements to your internal controls to enhance financial accuracy and reduce the risk of misstatements.

  • Striving to obtain “reasonable assurance” that your financial statements are free of material misstatement, is crucial for the reliability of financial reporting.

  • Ultimately, issuing an opinion letter that reflects our professional judgment on the accuracy and fairness of your financial statements, is vital for stakeholders' confidence.

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