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Individual Tax Services

We are pleased to provide year-round tax services to individuals across the United States. While our firm office is in Tucson, our work processes are cloud-based and we can easily work with anyone comfortable using a computer.

Individual Tax Services
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Our firm is happy to prepare tax returns for individuals with a variety of income levels and tax situations. We serve retired people who live on a fixed income, entrepreneurs who own multiple complex businesses, rental property owners, and everyone in between. Here’s an idea of our process: 


  • The engagement begins with a discussion about your tax situation. This can be done through various means like a phone call, an in-person meeting, or a video conference. This initial conversation is crucial for understanding your specific tax needs and circumstances.

  • Following this, you will be sent an electronic tax organizer. This organizer is designed to ask detailed questions about your tax situation, helping to ensure that all relevant information is considered in the preparation of your tax return.

  • The next step involves the collection of your tax documents. You have the option to securely upload these documents or physically drop them off at the office. This flexibility ensures that the document collection process is convenient and suits your preferences.

  • Once all necessary documents are collected, the firm will prepare your tax return. This involves careful consideration of all the information provided to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax laws. Often, we will call you while preparing your return to ask questions that arise or collect additional information.

  • After the preparation of your tax return, it will be reviewed with you. This review can be done either virtually or at the office, depending on what works best for you. This step is important to ensure that you understand your tax return and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

  • The firm is equipped to prepare both federal tax returns and most state tax returns, including taxpayers who are required to file in multiple states.

  • Pricing for these services depends on the complexity of the return. To provide transparency and avoid surprises, a free consultation is offered along with a flat rate price before starting the work.

  • We generally ask you to provide a copy of your most recently filed tax return before the meeting. This helps in making a comprehensive assessment of your tax situation and any changes that may have occurred since the last filing.


Once tax season is over, we are available year-round for questions that arise. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us - we would be happy to discuss your specific situation with you.

Rest Easy with Us
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